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January 28, 2023 Issue 4, Total Issue 31#

Dear Bodhisattvas, greetings!

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1. AI Eye Contact Technology#

In the past few years, with the rise of AI tools, some AI software now offers advanced and powerful AI eye contact technology, which can edit videos (including selfies) in real time to make people appear to be making eye contact with the camera. This technology can be entertaining when used in movie scenes, but what happens when everyone can use it in real-time video calls?

The Verge interviewed professional visual effects expert Daniel Hashimoto to learn about his thoughts and usage of this technology.

Hashimoto was amazed by how easy it is to use. He simply connects his browser to Nvidia's broadcasting app and can then edit any video clip he accesses online in real time. He was also impressed by the "incredible" color matching and lighting capabilities of this technology. More importantly, the technology is subtle: if an actor clearly turns his head away from the camera, the software intuitively knows that they are looking at something else and does not edit it.

Hashimoto believes that "every video conferencing tool will have some version of this in the near future," and it is already being used in this way.

2. OpenAI Hires a Large Number of Contractors to Make Basic Coding Obsolete#

According to a report by Semafor, OpenAI has increased its recruitment efforts globally and has hired approximately 1,000 remote contractors in the past 6 months in regions such as Latin America and Eastern Europe.

About 60% of the contractors were hired to do so-called "data labeling," which involves creating a large amount of images, audio clips, and other information to train AI tools or autonomous vehicles.

The remaining 40% are programmers who create data for OpenAI's models to learn software engineering tasks. OpenAI's existing product, Codex, was launched in August 2021 and aims to convert natural language into code.

A job posting by an outsourcing agency in Spanish on behalf of OpenAI states: "A mature company is looking for Python developers who are determined to provide world-class artificial intelligence technology to make the world a better and more efficient place."

Previously, OpenAI trained its models using code obtained from GitHub and seems to be building a dataset that includes not only lines of code but also human explanations behind the code written in natural language.

3. Key Reason for the Spread of False Information on Social Networks is its Reward Mechanism#

According to a study published in the journal PNAS, the reward mechanism of social media for users sharing information is a key reason for the spread of false information. This conclusion contradicts the previous belief that the proliferation of false information is due to users lacking critical thinking skills to discern truth from falsehood or due to distorted judgment caused by political beliefs. The study found that 15% of the most frequent information sharers spread 30% to 40% of fake news. What motivates users to share information? It is the reward mechanism of social media. Its reward system encourages users to post and share information. Sharing the most sensational information is most likely to attract attention. Once the habit of sharing information is formed, users no longer consider the consequences of spreading false information. The study suggests that social media can limit the spread of false information by changing the reward mechanism.

4. Data Update#

In 2022, WeChat Official Accounts published a total of 400 million articles. There were 360,000 articles with over 100,000 views, accounting for less than 0.09%. There were 19.96 million original articles, accounting for only 4.9%.

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6. Blog Updates#

7. Zen Teachings#

Master Hanshan asked: "In this world, when someone slanders me, deceives me, insults me, mocks me, belittles me, despises me, hates me, or deceives me, how should I deal with it?"

Master Shide replied: "Just endure it, let it be, leave it alone, avoid it, tolerate it, respect it, don't pay attention to it, and wait a few more years. Then see for yourself."

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