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March 15, 2023 Issue 9#

Dear Bodhisattvas,

Good day!

I woke up to the news that OpenAI has released the GPT-4 model a few days earlier than expected. Here's a summary of the information I have gathered so far.

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1. OpenAI Releases GPT-4#

As soon as I woke up, I saw the email sent by OpenAI in the early morning today. Starting today, ChatGPT Plus users can use the GPT-4 model. The GPT-4 API can be requested through the API Waitlist.

According to Orange's summary, GPT-4 has improved its academic capabilities, surpassing over 90% of humans in various exams. It is truly multimodal and can directly convert hand-drawn prototypes into web code. It can understand the meaning of illustrations in research papers. The accuracy of English has increased from 70% to 85.5%, and the accuracy of Chinese has reached the level of GPT-3.5. The accuracy of factual information has significantly improved. The training data is still up until September 2021.

In terms of pricing, the model used in the API is: gpt-4-0314. However, currently, only pure text requests are supported (image input is still in the alpha stage). The pricing for the API is much higher than that of the gpt-3.5 API, and both input and output are charged separately. The price for input is $0.03 per 1k token, and the price for output is $0.06 per 1k token.

Compared to the gpt-3.5 model, the gpt-4-0314 model can accept text lengths of up to 8,192 tokens and also provides a version with 32,768 tokens.


2. Performance of GPT-4#

GPT-4 is a large multimodal model that supports both image and text inputs and generates text outputs.

Firstly, GPT-4 has significantly improved its performance in different languages. The accuracy of Chinese is around 80%, surpassing the performance of GPT-3.5 in English.


Secondly, GPT-4 is now far superior to most existing large language models, including achieving state-of-the-art (SOTA) performance in many fields.


Thirdly, GPT-4 has achieved near-perfect scores in several exams, such as the USABO Semifinal 2020 (United States Biology Olympiad) and GRE Writing. Most of the official data provided shows that it outperforms GPT-3.


However, although the current capabilities demonstrated by the model are very powerful, GPT-4 still has some limitations compared to previous generations of GPT models. For example, the generated results may not be factual, and some content may be the result of its "fantasy" and lead to reasoning errors.


3. Official Examples#

The OpenAI website's introduction provides some examples of GPT-4's capabilities.

Firstly, GPT-4 can now understand the content of images.


Secondly, GPT-4 can summarize research papers directly from images.


Thirdly, GPT-4 can answer questions based on the content of images.


Fourthly, GPT-4 can define the behavior of AI through the system parameter. For example, in this example, AI is instructed to answer questions in the style of Socrates, not providing specific answers but asking questions to help students think independently.


4. Ways to Experience GPT-4#

There are two ways to experience GPT-4 in advance:

  • Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

  • GPT-4 has already been integrated into Poe (along with the new AI, Claude+)

5. Updates on Paid Columns#

6. Blog Updates#

7. Treasury of the True Dharma Eye#

To know that all things are one's own mind, and there is no attachment to them. To know that all things are the self-nature of the mind, and to accomplish the wisdom body without relying on others. To know that the three realms are only mind, and the three times are only mind, and to understand the immeasurable and boundless nature of the mind. To know that the Buddha is also like this, and that the Buddha and sentient beings are the same, one should understand that both the Buddha and the mind are endless.

Excerpt from the "Avatamsaka Sutra"

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