Add an "Open Inbox 📥" button for Tana.

Tana Capture

Knowledge management software Tana has finally launched its app on iOS, called Tana Capture.

The functionality is as the name suggests, mainly for quick collection and use. It allows for OCR, taking photos, uploading audio, video, and images, and writing text. In the web version, you can use the command + K shortcut to enter "open capture inbox" and view the collected content.

With the recent addition of support for ChatGPT, the release of the mobile app fills in the two biggest gaps that Tana currently has compared to other knowledge management software.

Professor Wang Shuyi updated his YouTube video at 20:50 today, introducing Tana Capture and Tana's AI features.

Adding the "Open Inbox 📥" button

If you also want to add the capture inbox after the date like I did, you can follow these steps:

  1. Use command + K to enter "open library"

  2. Create a new node and enter "Open Inbox 📥"

  3. Use command + K to convert it into a command node

  4. After creating a child node, enter "@ Run a command line command"

  5. Then select "Edit configuration" and enter "Open capture inbox"

  6. Once the above steps are completed, go back to the Today page, click on the supertag "#day", and select "Configure"

  7. Click on "Advanced" and enter "@ Open Inbox 📥" in the comments

  8. Now, the "Open Inbox 📥" button will appear on the Today page.

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