Today's essay

Yesterday, I finally couldn't stand the high memory usage of the Arc browser and switched to Edge.

My computer has a 24 GB M2 chip, and the Arc browser occasionally consumes around 6 GB of memory. It caused my computer to lag when I had multiple software open. Even if this browser is good, I had to give it up. If the issue of high memory usage cannot be resolved, the future development of the Arc browser will not be good.

Choosing a new browser tortured me for a few hours. Before using Arc, I had been using Safari, and it could continue to be my main browser. However, its weak plugin system is frustrating. The two plugins I often use, ChatGPT for Google and ChatHub, can only be used in Chromium-based browsers. Since I use these two plugins frequently, Safari is not suitable as my main browser.

So, I set my sights on Vivaldi and Edge. Compared to the two, I actually prefer Vivaldi more. It has a high level of customization, a nice appearance, can split screens, and has a unique tab system. However, it currently does not have an iOS version, which is not convenient for seamless switching, and its collection feature (reading list) is not perfect. Therefore, I had to choose Edge.

When I switched to Edge, I encountered a huge problem. xLog, Tana, and ChatHub all had errors. I tried troubleshooting with my limited knowledge but couldn't find the issue, so I had to seek help from the developers.

The developers of xLog and Tana responded very quickly and immediately started helping me solve the problem. However, after a night of troubleshooting, it seemed absurd. Everything seemed to be correct, but why were there errors?

When everyone was puzzled, a developer from xLog asked me: Did AdGuard block the third-party headers?

That question woke me up. I quickly opened AdGuard, and indeed, the "Block third-party authorization headers" option was selected.

After unchecking the "Block third-party authorization headers" option, the world became harmonious and beautiful, and society became prosperous.

I am very grateful to the developers of xLog, Tana, and ChatHub, especially the xLog team, who worked late into the night and are still thinking about the cause of the problem this morning. I want to give them a big shoutout.

Recently, in my paid column, I have been serializing "Seventy Thoughts on the Second Brain." I have already written four articles with a total of 23 thoughts. For me, this is a very good review, especially after I started building LifeOS. Looking at the second brain, knowledge management, information management, and personal growth from this macro perspective is different from when I first operated the second brain.

A small joy is that MoonTree on Jike discovered me and recognized me. She even added me to the WeChat group she maintains. It's been a long time since I felt affirmed for doing something out of my own interest, and this feeling is very strange.

After observing for a day, I found that the quality of this WeChat group is very high, and I often see insightful comments.

Some time ago, I also added Wei Chen, the founder of Life Journey, on WeChat and joined his community and WeChat group, which also has a high quality.

I admire them because they not only have good development in their professional fields but also excel in their areas of interest. This may be the saying "There are always people better than you" coming true.

The power of role models is infinite, and I hope I can learn from them.

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