Dream Home

I have no deep preferences in my life, but whenever I see bamboo and trees by the flowing water, with a small window hidden behind, I desire to live beneath them.

This short piece by Ming Dynasty painter Mo Shilong is recorded by Zhou Lianggong in Volume 2 of "New Collection of Documents and Notes".

After reading it, I applaud in admiration.

"Whenever I see bamboo and trees growing by the flowing water, with a small window peeking out, I really want to live behind that window."

Isn't this my dream dwelling?

I used Midjourney to create this image according to Mo Shilong's intention. It's wonderful, too wonderful. If I could have such a dwelling in the mountains and wilderness, with such an environment, what more could I ask for?

I will hang a couplet on the door:

"One room, two people, three meals, four seasons, with the stars and the sea, enjoying both elegance and simplicity;
Four seas, three mountains, two hearts, one lifetime, with the gentle breeze, the grass and trees, facing wind and rain together."

Ah, dreams are always so beautiful.

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